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Вакансии для IT специалистов, ТОП менеджмеров и др.



В сфере HR и рынка труда



We offer our clients efficient recruitment solutions and development by means of qualified personnel.

Our services:

1. Search and selection of unique experts (direct search, headhunting, exclusive search)

2. Search and selection of senior executives

3. Search and selection of middle ranking staff

4. Search and selection of operating personnel

5. Labor market analysis

6. Wage market monitoring

Terms of cooperation

No advance payment. Payment is made after candidates start working

The cos of services is discussed individually with each client. It’s defined by the following: complexity of the vacancy, deadlines and guarantee term.

We offer a guarantee term of free replacement. Standard replacement period from three to six months.

Advantages of the MainStaff Recruitment Agency

· Performance quality

· Recruitment with application of standard and complex methodologies in the Russian Federation and abroad

· Qualified selection prior to interviews with a client

· Professional, psychological and personality testing

· No limits in number of candidates

· No advance payment. Payment is made after candidates start working

· Guarantee of replacement within for up to 6 months

Geographic reach

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During the years of operations we have been implementing projects in all regions of the Russian Federation, near abroad (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Baltic states) and far abroad (Germany, Great Britain, USA, France, Poland, Czech Republic, China, India, Vietnam, UAE, Mauritania).

Areas of recruitment

Manufacturing industry/Production

Sales/ FMCG

Banks/Financial sector/Investment

Construction/Engeneering/Real estate

Agricultural sector

IT, Telecommunications



Government agencies


Send us information on job opportunities in your company. Indicate position title, salary, job duties and candidate specifications, number of vacancies. Provide contact details, name of your company and contact person. Our experts will contact you.